Our Technology Partner

Experiential Design Lab Pvt. Ltd.

Experiential Design Lab (www.experientialdesignlab.com) is an Interaction Design company that designs and implements Digital Transformation strategies, technologies and solutions.Besides Digital innovation in Retail and Marketing, We have delivered award-winning and measurably profitable innovation to our clients. We are multi-disciplinary, proficient at design, innovation strategy, implementation and integration. Leveraging a vast knowledge resource and awareness, we offer a holistic approach to ensure successful solutions.

Besides Digital innovation in Retail and Marketing, we support the industry in ‘Design for Venture’ through:

  • New product & solution development – IoT/Technology/Digital/Software/App.
  • Transforming traditional products/services into technology aided offerings.
  • Digital Transformation for Seamless customer engagement (Front-end) and Operational optimization (Back-end).
  • Supporting new and existing startups as an incubator.
  • We focus on Design, Technology and Human Experience.

  • We are user-centric in our approach
  • We believe in process-driven design.
  • We derive value-led innovation.
  • Some of our clients - Asian Paints, Titan, Van Heusen, Samsung, Canon (UAE), BMW (India/UAE), Barilla (Italy), Telecom Italia.

    We operate out of New Delhi (India), Dubai (UAE) and Rome (Italy).

    Interaction Design Lab

    Interaction Design Lab (IxDLAB) (www.interactiondesignlab.in) is a subsidiary of Experiential Design Lab (XDLAB). While the parent firm specialises in Digital Transformation, offering strategic product and service design innovation to the industry, IxDLAB specialises in large-scale production of smart solutions and experiential technologies across the diverse segments and tech verticals, such as VR, AR, MR, Retail Tech, Museum Tech, experiential tech etc.

    We have delivered innovative solutions to clients across industries like Home decor, interiors, real estate, FMCG, Automobiles, Entertainment, Home

    appliances, Fashion, Agriculture, HR amongst several others and work with team’s focussing on Experiential Marketing, Experiential Retail, Experiential communication, and now, Experiential Sales!

    With an expertise over Hardware, Software and Content, we have developed hardware and electronics based innovations, like audio switchers, sound bar comparison systems and holograms; Software innovations like gesture-based Wheel of Fortune, Touch screen software, Games and VR solutions; Content creation for complex customised mediums like holograms, projection mapping etc.

    We pride ourselves with in-house manufacturing capabilities for all electronics, software and experiential content and a dedicated team to maintain and service our solutions, offering cost-effective repairs and replacement. This gives us a significant advantage over the majority of solutions that are being ‘traded’ in india by importers, as they suffer at the end of post-sales upkeep, unlike IxDLAB.

    Having implemented solutions across thousands of stores in over a hundred cities, In India and Abroad, with some solutions running continuously since 6+ years, IxDLAB has established quality solution support. This enables the Industry to confidently leverage, experiment and explore the world of experiential technology and smart tech for their new customer engagement strategies.

    Having implemented solutions within environments ranging from 15000 SQFT experience centres to 5000 SQFT signature stores to even challenging environments such as tier-3 retail stores, IxDLAB specialises in making durable tech that lasts, thus translating into true value for money

    Customer Centric Digital Transformation @ IREC 2019, Delhi

    Virtual tour at Experience Zone New Delhi | UPES