Welcome to Seekruit

Our Mission

At Seekruit, our mission is quite simple really. In fact, it is not different from what all companies aspire for – to be the best at what they do. Seekruit HR Technologies Private Limited wants to establish itself among the leading providers of HR and Recruitment Services in India. We aim to build rock-solid relationships with clients while delivering tailor made solutions and ensuring total satisfaction.

Our Focus

We thrive on a single-minded philosophy of “providing complete solutions to our patrons”. We provide total and transparent service to our clients so that they incur cost, which is to their benefit. This in fact forms the basis of our existence. We are focused toward providing different solution to your different hiring needs which make us different from traditional HR service providers.

Our Strength

Our strength is the information and the knowledge base added to the experience of its people who are experts in the industry with a support of Technology can provide tailor made solution to cater all your recruitment needs. The company is strongly working on Data Management with a strong Big data team and use of artificial intelligence we provide strong database of right fit and certified talent. We are proud of the fact that the clients value our ability to deliver the right service for them.

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About Us

Admission Guru is a platform made for the Students who are looking for the Higher Education. We are working to promote youth education to make the Youngsters Educated & Skilled so they get the dream career. We provide Scholaarship to the deserving Candidates from 50-100% in Various Universities & Colleges from the different states, situated in rural & urban areas. We associate with Colleges & University and help them in getting funds from MNC’s, NGO’s & Individuals.

Why Choose us?

Study in India - Get Upto 100% Scholarship. More than 300+ Courses (UnderGraduate, Masters and Diploma’s). Colleges located in Rural as well as Urban Areas. Secure your Scholarship Seat Appearing/Result Awaited Students of 12th. Career Counselling with the Experts. Pay the Processing Charges 10% of Scholarship Amount after getting Admission. Become a part of Admission Guru and Offer Scholarship Seats to your Student.

Student Testimonial

"I wanted to persue Agriculture Studies but our financial condition was not enough as my parents income was not sufficient to pay the fees. I have lost all hopes but one of my friend suggest me about Admission Guru. They helped me in getting Admission."

-Aman Singh (Student in Guru Kashi University, Punjab)

Focus on Assessment

In a detailed discussion with the client, we analyze the company’s needs to determine the required skill set. Our goal is to understand the organizational relationships, define the experience required, and identify the other characteristics for a successful candidate. We work on the 9 to 5 of the Job Description by which we cover full assessment of the candidate which results in best assessment practice in the industry.

Specification of Position

At the completion of the needs assessment, we prepare a written 9 to 5. This details the roles and responsibilities of the position, qualifications of the ideal candidate and criteria for success. We utilize this specification to guide our search efforts. It also helps our recruitment team to source Right Fitment.

Identification of Candidates

Through our extensive range of contacts and networks, we identify and contact all potential candidates. During this period, we report progress frequently to the client.

Candidate Interviews

Besides the traditional method we have our own innovative ideas for candidate interview which can be tailor-made for every Job description across vertical. Our detailed interviewing process allows us to not only match the technical qualifications of the position but ensures the candidate can function successfully within the 9 to 5 of the organization, culture, management style and philosophy of the client's organization.

Client/Candidate Interviews

In this Era of technology automated interview process is what we can offer you. We ensure that the client is fully briefed about each candidate in advance of any interview and that each candidate is fully aware of the nature and demands of the position.

Candidate Evaluation

Immediately following the client interviews, we update the client and candidates on their respective reactions and expectations. We help the client, where appropriate, to access candidates against each element of the specification and to use this assessment to assist the client in forming his or her own conclusion.


Our involvement with the client and candidate continues after the offer is accepted. We act as a liaison between the two parties to anticipate and resolve any outstanding issues, and to make the transition as smooth as possible. We maintain ongoing relationships with the client and candidate through periodic phone calls or visits.

Thinking out of the Box

In a world that seems to be propagating the “one-size-fits-all” philosophy at every corner, Seekruit Staffing adopts a refreshing approach towards all that it does. We do not deal in Mass-produced solutions and often take to thinking out of the box to come up with ones that are bold and innovative. But, most importantly, they fit the situation to a T, providing Companies with the solution they were looking for .Core thinking what we are working on is Hiring without Job Description, without CV and without Recruiter.

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