Our Team

Our journey started from the time we started searching for jobs for ourselves, we are a diverse group of people who met each other as colleagues during our career. All of us had one objective which is to create, innovate and bring in new practices to the HR space. With a small team of recruiters, we were like one among the thousands in the industry; however, we weren’t happy with that status. Therefore we as friends and ex-colleagues grouped together to bring ‘Seekruit’ to the forefront with new innovations in the hiring practice supported by technology, assessments & intelligence. Seekruit has come to be known as one of the best in the business in terms of service delivery.

While each and every team member deserves a mention wherever Team Seekruit is talked about, we would like to present our board members (with their brief backgrounds/interests) below.


Mr. Sachin Kapoor

Mr.Sachin Kapoor Director of Seekruit has 18 years of combined experience in HR, recruitment,and Sales Industry. As a HR professionals all his learning seek new ways to solve old problems which enables to help make others better, and value which creats help all stakeholders win. His ideology has given a chance to create meaningful and lasting relationships, learn new things, live our passions and solve complex problems that can impact the lives of millions of people.Creating lasting relationships and a strong belief is the reward what inspires Seekruit and brings our team to work every single day with much enthusiasm. He is working extensively to impart technology in HR space AI, Big Data,Social Media Networking,Cloud Technology which will create a change in the hiring methodology and solve problems like engagement,reskilling,skill fitment,digital relationship,right fitment etc.Crowd sourcing and use of technology is what he is working on for past 2 years to create a revolution in the HR recruitment industry. “Right Fitment”is the only policy he is working on.


Mr. Ram Tiwari

Mr. Ram Tiwari heading this vertical is carrying a valuable experience of 24 years in education industry. A dynamic professional with wide experience in the areas of Franchisee Management, Sales & Marketing, Business Development, Staffing, Placement, with well known organizations. A proactive planner with abilities in implementing strategies for augmenting business, identifying and penetrating new market segments, Concept Selling for business excellence. He is heading this project for Developing a vision for change and foresight "Future of Learning"with a series of structured stakeholder consultations in different formats, involving personalisation, collaboration and informalisation. Informal learning will be at the core of learning in the future focusing on increased professional flexibility, flatter hierarchies and open knowledge exchange. In addition These changes and provide evidence, applications and tools to effectively support flexible, targeted and tailor-made learning opportunities.


Mr.Anurag Sehgal

Mr. Anurag Sehgal is a renowned Interaction Design Consultant and is the Managing Director of Experiential Design Lab Private Limited, an innovation-incubation company specialising in Digital Transformation Strategies and Design for Venture. His sound foundations came from his Masters in Interaction Design, at the renowned Interaction Design Institute Ivrea, Italy, 2005, after completing his graduation via an exploration on wearable electronics in Fashion Design from NIFT, New Delhi, 2001. He has over 18 years of experience in digital transformation and digital innovation, having worked in setting up tech-enabled business models for industry segments as diverse as fitness, retail, iot, HR, Fashion, Agriculture, hospitality amongst many others. His company, Experiential Design Lab, is assisting large corporates in transforming their businesses using innovative digital and technology solutions and to become relevant within the new business landscape that has emerged where legacy business models need to re-invent, adapt, modify and update themselves.


Mr Rajendra Trakru

Mr Rajendra Trakru of founder Warapara Foundation is a visionery and an industrialist who has been working vigorously to acheive new heights in helping people of this country through Program’s like “TRIPTI” a unique concept to feed hungry in your neighbourhood. He wishes and believes that by 2025 that no one in this country may sleep hungry, and at the same time no Talent in India may go waste just because he does have money to pay the heavy Tution fees in the universities. He belives that to make the change possible you have to be the change by yourself.