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    • Admissions with scholarship: Most Universities / Colleges have empty seats for several courses which they fill by scholarship where we provide admissions to students in best Universities / Colleges with up to 100% scholarship by conveying general aptitude test.

    • As we cannot give scholarship to every student we take a general aptitude test to check either student is eligible for university or not.

    • Skill Assessment: Assessment can verify that individuals have the skills needed to perform a particular job and that the learning program undertaken has delivered education at a given standard. So we provide students with video assessment to validate their skills so that they become Right Fit for corporate.

    • Online trainings based on skills: Seekruitshaala offers a variety of online training programs across multiple disciplines which students can join from the comfort of their homes and learn the skills needed in today’s industry.

    • Internships: You need experience to get experience. This seems to be the biggest issue for young talent transitioning into the workforce these days. Employers value internship experience because they provide students with the skills and experience that they cannot acquire in a school or college.

    • Placement: Based on the performance and skills, students are given opportunities to acquire permanent jobs in corporate sector.

    Universities / Colleges

    • Admission cell:Seekruitshaala’s aim is to provide Universities / Colleges with 100% student seats. With the help of strong database marketing and branding, we work on the policy of NO EMPTY SEATS IN Universities / Colleges.

    • Stage University Promotional Solutions & Experience Zones:Seekruit has platforms and solutions to help promote the university at our partner venues through experiential kits. We shoot VR videos of the campus and of the infrastructure and present it to various students and teacher applicants at our partner venues. We also present the list of programs and placement information etc. on interactive interfaces at the partner venues.

    • Teacher hiring program:Most Universities / Colleges have vacancies for good teachers and we help fill that gap as well.

    • Internship Cell:As we provide internship services to the students which enhance their skills set, the requirement of Universities / Colleges in the internship area gets fulfilled through this service.

    • Placement Cell:By tying up with the corporate we provide assured placements to the students which helps the client Universities / Colleges to posses the work of their placement cell.

    • All these services provided by the Seekruitshaala to the university helps them in promoting the branding and make goodwill in the arena.


    • Seekruitshaala after conducting 100% assessment of students provide them right fitment i.e. right person at the right job.

    • This helps the corporate lessen their work of placing the candidates, training them etc

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