Our Services

Permanent Staffing

The digital wave in the new age economy has changed the way we conduct our businesses, therefore we embrace and adapt the change and align our permanent hiring practice using latest methods to source and network with your potential employees in the following areas like social media, professional networking, blogs & crowd wisdom platforms.

Over the years we have developed our expertise in the following sectors and industries like BFSI, logistics, IT & ITES, media, e-commerce, manufacturing, automotive & other services sectors. We empathize with your struggle to onboard the entry & middle level workforce at smaller locations, this is where our innovative network across strategic locations will help you to solve the problem of Human Capital supply chain. We take pride to introduce ourselves as a predominant provider of recruitment services in India.Enable to do timely selection as per the Job Description and Selection Criteria HR Outsourcing is gaining acceptance rapidly. We at Astute Staffing are equipped to help organizations focus on their core areas of business which demand their creative and management time. Whether you need to recruit, compensate, motivate or train any key professionals for your organization, Astute Staffing would be just a phone call away.

We are serving diverse industries and keep a track of the short-term and long-term manpower needs in each to provide the perfect solutions. For the job-seekers like freshers and experienced professionals, we offer advisory and assistance to enable them in finding the right opportunity. As for the companies, we bring them highly qualified and experienced candidates with the desired skill-sets for particular positions and do not stop until the requirement is fulfilled.

Temporary Staffing

We understand your need and purpose of having a staff on temporary mode of employment. Our full suite of services starts from developing the sourcing strategy, identifying potential candidates, assessing them for the job role, prepare them for interviews and onboarding the selected candidates.

Our job doesn’t end here, therefore post identification we will use our CRM platform to communicate to you and your associates to process salary, expenses, ESI, PF, leave, promotion, absorption to on roll, separation & F&F. Thus we ensure your employer branding in the minds of your associates remains the same as your permanent employees. Ensuring compatibility with the role is our business. The outsourcing of Employee Leasing processes delivers strategic value plus efficiency and cost benefits, making it a win-win situation. Match skills with your requirements and ensure that assimilation of talent creates a bond of trust between the employee and your company. The leased employees have already been screened, categorized, assessed and have been put to stringent tests.

We use our expertise to focus on providing service and support in providing staffing solution at all levels and cater to various industries in the market in a cost effective manner. We have a team of dedicated consultants with good knowledge of the respective industry.

Candidates identified Through Astute Staffing or by the clients are brought on board on the rolls of Astute Staffing. We take care of the statutory obligations including the payroll and the other benefits, thus enabling the client to concentrate on its core business activities.

Apprentice Management

Our country is diverse in many dimension, we are pluralistic by race, ethnicity, language, creed, caste, colour, food & religion etc. We can source candidates for the companies registered under NETAPS through our wide sourcing partners.our technology helps you to filter manage the apprentice.

Millions and Millions of Indian youth should go for acquisition of skills and there should be a network across the country for this and not the archaic systems. They should acquire the skills which could contribute towards making India a modern country. Whenever they go to any country in the world, their skills must be appreciated. Shri. Narendra Modi (Hon’ble Prime Minister of India).

Train and Deploy Training Partner CFM

We believe in the Inclusive, Diverse & Equal (IDE) employment practice & we help large organizations in end to end employment practice through our non-profit organization CFM consulting firm which promotes this initiative. Our work starts from HR policy recommendation, change management, PR, workforce hiring, We train the candidates as per the Mandate shared by the industry and the course content can be customized as per the client needs then we Deploy these students as per the mandate. This Employability programme helps the candidate and the company to fulfill their need and bridges the gap of skilled manpower.

Virtual Staffing

Technology Enabled Hiring- without JD, without CV, Without Recruiter.

Research studies suggest that a team which has a diverse workforce performs better. Our IDE practice consultants will help you to bring this change in your organization to help you perform better than your competition. Our automated platform helps the organization to fulfill their manpower requirements without JD, without CV, and also without recruiter. This is a exclusive service which we can provide to our clients to fulfill their mass hiring needs. This is a unique application which only Seekruit can give in the world.