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Warapara Foundation

Warapara Foundation (NGO) working in the service of Humanity since 1989. Feeding the under privileged people of the society with awareness on food and role of spices and utencils and role of organic food and is benefit to fight dieseas. TRIPTI “Ann Daan Mahaa Daan” a program which was introduced by Warapara on 26th Decemeber 2016. After the Government made it madatory to register all NGO’s under NITI Aayog and its programs.

Warapara’s most popular program “Tripti” ann Daan Mahaa Daan is attracting the youths of india by sponsoring food for hungry program under “TRIPTI”. This program carries various ways to celebrate and service through “Celebrate your Birthday”, Celebrate your Anniversary” were you can just sponsor Rs. 5100 to feed 100 Kids with a specially designed meal. You can spend a day with these kids share your expereinces and make them feel happy. and “Bhram Bhoj” were you can feed elderly people either in old Age homes or in Hospitals with a Specially Designed meals. Tis program is specially designed for the people who wish to feed the hungry in the name of someone wo have left this world. All these programs are taking major role in shaping up to Feed underprivliged and needy people of the socety.

SHIKSHA” a program which has been running to provide basic educations facilities and reaching the remote areas of India, This Program has been assisted and supported by various NGO’s across the country.

Warapara -SHIKSHA in association with a world class company “Seekruit”, have been together working on developing a platform to provide various stages of recruitment and higher education programs. This will enable a child to seek admission in higher education programs, Providing skills developments, preparing them for jobs to achive new positions in corporates

Warapara Foundation is dedicated in the service of Mankind and shall stand for the youth on India under all stages you may wish to acheive in your life. Come let us build a “New Bharat”.

founder Warapara Foundation is a visionery and an industrialist who has been working vigorously to acheive new heights in helping people of this country through Program’s like “TRIPTI” a unique concept to feed hungry in your neighbourhood. He wishes and believes that by 2025 that no one in this country may sleep hungry, and at the same time no Talent in India may go waste just because he does have money to pay the heavy Tution fees in the universities.

He belives that to make the change possible you have to be the change by yourself.

Mr Rajendra Trakru
(Warapara Founder)